Interactive Touch Solution

Our interactive touch solutions utilize the premium touch panels of Zytronic that features single and multi-touch capabilities.

  • Single Touch Technology
    Our self-capacitive touch sensing technology, provides the same level of sensitivity experienced on smartphones and tablets, combined with the durability needed for the toughest industrial and self-service applications.

  • Multi Touch Technology
    Our mutual capacitive technology offers most of the durability advantages of the single-touch projected capacitive technology, but with added multi touch capability.

  • High-impact Resistance
    Our touch sensors can be constructed from one, two or even three layers of laminated, toughened glass, up to a total thickness of 20mm or more. As a result, our touchscreens can be designed to withstand whatever abuse the application and environment throws at it.

  • Sensitivity
    The single-touch projected capacitive touch technology will detect a finger, conductive stylus and even gloved hand, through glass thicknesses approaching 20mm. Yet, it ignores raindrops, leaves, dirt, ice, etc., making it ideal for self-service, industrial and public use.

  • Reliability
    With its unrivaled durability, the single-touch panels provides 24/7 functionality in the most difficult of environments, minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance and maximizing return on system investment. Its dependability is proven, providing vandal-resistant touch detection that is practically immune to most types of physical, mechanical and chemical abuse.