Digital Signage Solutions


In this digital era where there is constant chatter on the web, there is simply too much general communication noise for employees to capture vital news and messages in one scan. To get your message across successfully, it is crucial to find a low friction way to repeat messages.

Why Netpresenter?

  • Reach all employees across multiple locations.
  • Inspire colleagues with the latest good news stories within minutes, in a format that motivates.
  • The requirement to segment for various audiences on PCs and Digital signage screens alike.
  • Ensure that employees notice AND remember vital news and information.
  • Encourage employees to visit the pages on your intranet YOU want them to see, in the easiest possible manner.
  • The ability to send out emergency messages in a format that cannot be ignored.
  • The ability to schedule & repeat information at will.
  • The ability to update the content at will, simply and at a moment’s notice.
  • The ability to do all the above and still please your own IT folks!