Digital Signage Solutions

EvaSign Pro

EvaSign Pro is a web-based content management system that manages digital menu boards with multiple screens or standee advertising panels. This user-friendly application allows you to manage any digital menu board from any PC within the same network. With the EvaSign Pro, you can easily manage display templates, media and scheduling, updating content instantly without any disruption to the display. For sales or F&B applications, the EvaSign Pro seamlessly integrates both your POS systems and our proprietary OrderPoint Kiosks into the network, essentially giving you a one-stop portal in managing all your display content and data.


  • Display Management
    - Manage TVs via IP address.

  • Power Management
    - Remotely power on, off and restart TVs.
    - Set TV power on and power off timer.

  • Template Management
    - A variety of pre-loaded display templates to select from.
    - Landscape and portrait orientation.

  • Media Management
    - Upload images, animations and videos.

  • Schedule Management
    - Set presentation schedule for each TV.
    - Daily, weekly and monthly views.